Chiropractic Downey CA What To Expect At Your First & Second VIsits At Reform Chiropractic

Your first visit at Reform Chiropractic

Here is what you can expect at Reform Chiropractic in Downey or El Monte at your first visit.

Step 1: Consultation and History
We want to get to know a little bit about you, your health history and your major health concerns.

Step 2: Neurological & Orthopedic Exam
The doctor will analyze your posture, do an orthopedic exam and look for subluxations in your spine. A subluxation is a misalignment in your spine that puts pressure on your nerves and therefore cuts off your nervous system communication.

Chiropractors treat subluxations in order to allow your nerves to communicate properly, so that you can achieve optimal health.

Step 3: Digital X-Rays (As Medically Necessary)
Depending on your condition and the doctors’ exam findings, you may receive x-rays on your first visit. Since we treat your spine, we need to determine if you have any structural damage or changes to your spine (arthritis, curve changes, bone spurs, pinched nerves, etc.). The doctors use your x-rays as radar for your specific treatments.

Step 4: Treatment
You may receive some sort of treatment same day, at the doctor's discretion. First day of treatment can include: an adjustment, physical rehabilitation, or massage therapy.


Report of Test Findings
At your second visit, the doctor will review your x-rays and test results with you in detail. We want you to be an informed and active participant in your health care and will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will discuss payment options with you.

After meeting with the doctor, you will receive your treatment for the day. Our front desk staff will help you scheduling your appointments per your finalized treatment plan.


During your initial visits, the doctor will explain the three phases of chiropractic care to you. Our goal is to help you heal through each phase so that you can achieve lasting wellness. Dynamic health care provided at Reform Chiropractic is designed to treat you at each step, which minimizes your chance of relapse and flair-ups. The health of your spine and nervous system is important to us.

Phase 1: Relief care
Relief care is necessary to relieve you of symptoms or pain, but it does not relieve the cause of the symptoms/pain. It is the same as drying a floor that was getting wet from a leak, but not fixing the leak. Relief care is not permanent.

Phase 2: Corrective care
Corrective care is necessary not only to relieve or reduce a person’s pain or symptoms, but also to remove the actual cause of the problem. It is the same as fixing the leak in the floor, not just drying it.

Phase 3: Wellness care
Wellness care is necessary to keep your body moving towards health. Your system is constantly working towards one of two paths, health or disease, there is no in-between. The desire to continue on the path of health will enable your body to prevent problems from occurring and therefore keep your body at its optimal function level. This occurs after we fix the leak in the floor, we keep up on the wear and tear of the floor and make sure nothing occurs to cause another leak.

Which phase of care do you want to reach? At Reform Chiropractic in Downey & El Monte CA, see how those goals are a possibility.