Employee Wellness Program

Chiropractic Downey CA Employee Wellness Program

Investing in the HEALTH of Employees in Downey or El Monte creates an exponential return. A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. Healthier employees mean fewer injuries and illness-related absences and lower stress levels.

Did you know that 94 out of 100 Employees have 1 or More Health Related Issues?

Did you know that up to 70% of health care claims could be spent on preventable health problems?

Companies on average will spend More Than $8,000.00/per Employee on Healthcare Costs!

A recent compilation of 56 studies on wellness programs in the American Journal of Health Promotion showed an average 27% reduction in sick leave absenteeism, a 26% reduction in health care costs, and a 32% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management cost claims.

Although many people believe that Chiropractic is only the answer to neck and back pain, this is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to how Chiropractic can BENEFIT your life. We provide solutions when it comes to asthma, allergies, energy issues, regular sickness, stress, pain management, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Reform Chiropractic is currently working with a variety of companies, organizations, and hospitals throughout Downey and the surrounding areas to help promote wellness, employee safety, increase mobility in community members and reduce healthcare costs.

Every Year U.S. Companies lose nearly $300 Billion due to Absenteeism & Presenteeism!

By taking a proactive approach to health and wellness we hope to also reduce employee absenteeism as well as offer a more affordable option of care for individuals who may need it. Potentially even more significant than the financial implications of introducing a Wellness Program, the intrinsic benefits of valuing employees and giving them the opportunity to be included in the education and information process of a plan, has organic advantages that create an internal energy that can be appreciated by employees and clients alike.

To do this, we are offering onsite Lunch and Learn Health Talks at NO CHARGE!

Contact us today to schedule yours at info@reformchiropractic.com at Reform Chiropractic or call our team in Downey or El Monte  today.